1st step into meditation: 1 minute per day of mindful breathing

Taking time to just rest your mind is the key to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Meditation is not about staying still without thinking about anything for hours, the first steps in meditation is being aware of your thoughts and the ability to focus your mind on one single thing at a time. We live in a world over stimulated, and few minutes a day of calm can just change our vision of things.

The best way to focus your mind is on your breath, because if your mind is busy listening and observing your breath, it can't think about anything else. That's the best way to start a meditation. Inhale and exhale being mindful about each movement of your lungs, throat, and belly, observing the air coming in and out of your lung. Inhale counting 4, and exhale counting 6.. the deeper the exhalation is the longer the inhalation will be, and the more benefits you will get for your brain, emotions, organs and muscles. When thoughts come into your mind just embrace them and let them go, by getting back your attention of your breath. This exercice can be done anywhere: in your car, walking, in the metro, at work in front of your computer. There is always time to breath deeper and destress your mind.


Start the first week with 1 minute per day, and then add some more time each week.. this is the most beautiful feeling to be there with yourself and only yourself.. ️

peter cauro