And you know it well, both our planet and we are made of water, 70% of our body is water, and this is part of innumerable biochemical reactions within the body that keep us alive and healthy! There are many diseases that result from the lack of hydration of our body, even the impossibility of losing weight, insomnia etc. Not having enough water in our body is comparable to having an oil-free machinery ... it works but blocks, creaks, and can break. Hydrating is like oiling a machine ... everything is softer and works better.

Some tips to achieve it (if you still do not do it)

• Download an APP that reminds you that you have to drink! I like this one: http://waterminder.com/ since you can optimize with different devices and make a planing according to your weight and physical activity among other things and send you a specialized reminder. (I usually talk to him and tell him, I go! When I hear the alarm)
• Every morning when you wake up take a good glass of water and if it can be at room temperature or warm better. We spend the whole night, or even more than more than 8 hours, without drinking any liquid!
• If you dare to add a little lemon juice or a small spoonful of apple cider vinegar, this alkalizes the water and helps to make a gradual detoxification. It is the best way to awaken your body. (no more than 15 days in a row! You do 15 to 15 to take care of your teeth)

With these 3 tips there is enough to start you will notice right away how it helps you feel lighter, improves your breath and helps reduce inflammation.

We will talk more about the importance of hydration in the next post

Ruth Brigandi.


peter cauro