The inner balance is something that we all in seek in our lives. To feel the flow of energy that connect our physical body to our mind. The intangible part, in other words, our soul, is what really defines our internal wellbeing: our thoughts, feelings, the way we breath and the understanding of what our body needs, is the key to happiness!

At AYA we believe that this harmony can be achieved through meditation & yoga practices. The most important in everything that we do is to do it regularly. A daily practice of a few minutes per day of just being aware of our breath and some asanas (yoga postures)  can help us get a real improvement of our energy which will lead to a better general state of body & mind. At our retreats, the level of yoga does not matter, because we are all different. Yoga is not about the position itself but more how you feel and the mindfulness you put in every movement and breath that you do. 
Some people think that yoga is not something for them, because they are not flexible, or because they don't need it. But in reality any type of person can have its way to connecting to your body & mind: some people need some more active yoga as Vinyasa for example, some other people will prefer some more restorative poses in order to really unblock some parts of their body (as the Yin Yoga). Some other people would prefer to meditate few seconds per day in order to get ready for their day. We are all different, with distinct metabolism, body, muscles, heart, feelings. What counts is to listen to your body and never compare yourself to someone else. The important thing is to find the way in life in order to help you reduce stress & disconnect from your routine.  

If you are a yoga begginer and you wish to get started in your yoga practice, here are some guidelines about the main benefits of a regular yoga practice and a short video of the traditional sun Salutation that you can do every morning. You can just start 5/10 minutes every morning, and this will boost your metabolism and get you energized for the rest of the day. 

- Release stress & anxiety

- Increase flexibility

- Promote sleep quality

- Can ease pain in parts of your body. 

- Help you be more conscious in the way you eat, breath and interact with people.