The purpose in life is to be happy, right? So many people are not where they would like to be. It can be personally with themselves, with their husband or wives, at work or in general. 

The happiness can be something very subjective, but according to us, it should be a feeling that we get, not from things we have, but should be found within ourselves. 

In today's world, the competition is at his highest. The rythm of everything has been accelerated, and we all want to achieve our objective in a quicker away, most of the time, missing many steps. 

Your objective can be financial, can be to be rewarded and recognised from the others, can be to get a status of "who you are". But the truth is that sometimes we forget ourselves and we forget what we really want; "we" as our soul. Not what our ego want us to be.  

In order to know what you really want deep inside, the most important is to ask yourself the correct questions. We will get the example of your carreer. 

- Why I am doing what I am doing? For love, money, reward, or because I have no choice?

- From this job, put the pros & cons of how your professional life affects yourself and surrounding. 

- Try and write down things you love and what would be your dream in life, and compare it to your actual work, and think about what could be the steps to slowly take the risk of going the way you really want to go. 

Thinking about your carreer & yourself as one, is something important , because many people live 8 hours per day in a place that make them unhappy. Why be unhappy when live is so short? Nobody obliges us of that. We are the master of our own decisions. Everybody have the capacity to change, and switch to something that will be more "you" . It does not need to be from one day to the other. It is something that needs to be thought, & needs to be gradual. A good way that have helped us, was to write down on a piece of paper, the way you feel, the short-term & long-term objectives you have in life, and just write anything crossing your mind. This is a very helpful way, to see things more clear. It is a way to make it something separated from you, in order to look at it from another perspective and take better actions toward it. 

Life is a beautiful path, and we should all do things that stimulate our creativity, inner energy, and sparkle the part of our personality which sometime we have left on the side to leave a footprint on this earth. 


peter cauro