Letting go

We all hear about “Letting go” but what does it means exactly?

Detach from outcome and focus on the process

We are always obsessed about an objective, getting somewhere. We want to get there as quick as we can to this point. We must believe that things unfold over time as they should. Enjoy the present moment.

Understand that the life you thought you would have may not be the life you will actually have. 

Many of us have a concept of who we are and how we think our life is going to go. The more we live, the more we learn that things don't always go as planned. Understand that not only is this okay, it might actually be better. Practice gratitude and trust in the process.

Separate yourself from attachment to externals (possessions, beauty, titles, money, status, situation, etc.) Bring your attention to the internal, deeper, psycho-spiritual-relational process within. This will bring you peace, calm and serenity. When we focus on externals, enough is never enough.

Stop worrying about what other people think and commit to it as a way of life. 

Freeing ourself from the opinions on others is crucial. Choose to care more about how you feel about yourself than whether or not your neighbor approves. We are our happiest when we live our lives in a way that is aligned with our authentic selves.


Exhaling is a great way to let go.  With an audible sigh, exhale through your mouth, releasing all you no longer want or need (i.e. anxiety, stress, guilt, shame, worry, etc.) Then inhale deeply through your nose, drawing in all that you need (i.e. peace, strength, serenity, courage, love, etc.). Repeat this cycle, allowing your exhale to become longer and deeper than your inhale and notice your mind/body/spirit calm and relax.

Free yourself from toxic relationships. 

Create space in your life for new and healthy relationships.

Practice acceptance. 

Thinking again and again about what have happened is a non- beneficial way of thinking. Bring your attention to the present moment, for that is where life occurs.

Open your mind.

Opening ourself to the unknown and out of our comfort zone is an exciting way of letting go and moving on.

Release the feelings you store in your body through exercise.

We all need a way of letting go things that affect our phisical and emotional body. Exercising is a way of opening a door to all the unnecessary.

Express yourself.

Express yourself through journaling, talking, art, dance, moving, singing, cooking, gardening. Just release who you are.

Meditate. The practice of meditation will teach you how to separate from mind-chatter, find inner peace and reboot yourself for the day ahead. Life is easier and more manageable with a daily meditation practice, even for just a few minutes.

Detach from your ego. Your ego is the false construct that you think is who you are. Be yourtrueself.

Forgive. Resentment keeps you tethered to the past and prevents forward movement and growth. If for no other reason than yourself, forgive and let go.


peter cauro