Stop for a while...

We all have stages in our lives in which we need time “OFF”, time of rest, silence and connection with ourselves. And that dont want to means being depressed, because it seems that many of us believed that we must be happy and active always. We have to learn to normalize and accept these stages of introspection, because they are really wonderful and necessary, why? Because they allow us to be aware of our needs, (to then be able to communicate them to our environment), they allow us to rest, to stop being a slave to what is "expected" from us, to enjoy doing nothing! Relativize perfectionism, realize what hurts us from our day to day, etc.

Life goes so fast and we have so many things to "do". The idea of stopping in our day to day sounds like utopia. But ... it is not,  any moment can turn into an opportunity to stop. And this is not about living in a unrealistic world, but yes about including a bit of silence, reflection and rest, which is totally compatible with our day to day life.


  • Read! books that you like or teach something that motivates you.

  • Write, maybe a diary, morning page or just ideas, phrases, etc. Meditation; There are so many different techniques to try! Try some until you find the one that works for you at this time in your life

  • Breathings: pranayamas, as it happens with meditation, there are many techniques to try and it is an excellent way to gather with oneself.

  • Contemplation, of nature, art ...

  • Silence…

  • Yoga

  • Drink an infusión, feeling the heat of the cup pass through your hands and taste in each sip.

  • Essential oils, it's like contemplating but with smell instead of sight

  • Do some creative activity, from painting to cooking. (dancing at home feels super good!!! And woks)

  • Clean your house? Being aware that is your place and thats is someting to be grateful for!

  • Sing and listen to music (screams if you want!!)

  • Pet your pet ...

  • Dry body brushing before showering

  • Creams or oils after the shower with a small massage.

And surely I leave many small things of our day to day ... they become moments of calm in the middle of the storm

peter cauro