Boosting your energy

Taking care of yourself is respecting you.

I have found many people who speak to me of lack of energy and fatigue, that is why I have decided to do this little post to talk a bit about how to raise our energy ... and you may be are waiting for me to tell you take a nice coffee ... but ... it is rather the opposite. If we talk about food and lack of energy the ideal is to eat lightly, avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol, red meat and heavy dishes ... if the food is heavy so we will feel heavy, tired and our energy level will be low.

Our body spends a lot of energy in digestion, we have to eat thinking about how this fact will affect us and how we expect to feel throughout the day. We have to learn to listen to our body, eat slowly, without looking at the phone, answering calls or seeing news, because there is a hormone called cortisol produced by the adrenal gland that is released in response to stress and this small hormone is the main enemy of The digestion. It is also important that you avoid processed foods that you can not pronounce even one ingredient.

Consuming this type of "food" disconnects us from listening to our body and also gives us the message that you do not have time to give yourself what you realy need. And obviously we all have those days where the most practical is to eat at a bar, but there are even those natural ones based on nuts or dark chocolate. Also bet on healthy snacks such as carrot and cucumber sticks with a little hummus. And above all, do not lose sight of the fact that each person maintains their energetic levels according to how they care, and this does not happen only for food, perhaps you are living some emotional situation or you are overwhelmed with thousand and things in your head and that tires a lot ... try to stop! meditate or just feel your breathing. It is about stopping the mind, listening to the body, nurturing it with conscience ... and I do not want to leave the vital key of all this, which is rest. In the body the magic does not exist, there is constancy and connection with ourselves that can act as magic because the more you listen to yourself, the more you can respect yourself, the more you can take care of yourself is when the wonderful results appear! Extra data, if you are going through a stage with a lot of lack of energy, magnesium is a good supplement to take into account.

Ruth Brigandi

peter cauro