These two souls have come together to create a new path by launching an authentic type of holistic philosophy, AYA with the idea of sharing with people the ability to simply get a healthier & happier life . This lifetime project have opened large doors to deepen their vision and understanding about healthy & conscious living in all aspects.


Founder & Yogi

Audrey-Alizée Sicot, a joyful & dynamic life-lover started 8 years ago as an entrepreneur in the high-end lifestyle sector, with the launching of a luxury lifestyle company in Barcelona & Ibiza (Alizée Lifestyle). Few years ago, she decided to deepen her love and passion for healthy lifestyle & yoga with the world with the AYA project. She went, as well, further into her world of yoga by getting her Yoga Training RYT200. She really sees potential in all of us, and offer her heart to help you find the true you.



Founder & Lifestyle coach

At the beginning of her career Ruth worked as a fashion designer and image consultant. After her MBA she acquired a very clear vision of the corporate business world. At that point, Ruth decided to honor her life by doing the only thing she knew deep down that would fulfill her and bring her happiness: help others! That’s the reason why she trained in holistic nutrition and health coaching. Today she helps transform lives.